It all started with gaming…

Right after our family had dived into the joyful abyss of tabletop gaming, we recognized our flat, hard dining table had some drawbacks for our newfound hobby. Difficulty picking up and dealing cards, dice bouncing excessively and loudly while the baby slept, and tiles not really staying in place brought some consistent frustrations while we played. We tried mimicking a gaming table surface with everything from felt and tablecloths, but both didn't offer much improvement.

After a quick internet search there wasn't a product on the market that offered this solution. Others mentioned buying a large swatch of neoprene/mousepad, but my wife and I both disliked the slick surface, texture, and the thickness was too thin. Over time a few other companies appeared on the scene offering large yoga mats and mouse pads as alternatives for your table. This was still using a product for something different than it was designed, and we wanted a mat made for gaming.

Enter Quiver Gaming Gear...

Our first generation mats we started with were a polyester felt. It was a strong material, relatively inexpensive, and readily available. This material was used by traveling professional card players to promote their advertisers to play on as it was a printable surface. They offered a nice fuzz for picking up cards and damping dice rolls, however over the course of time the printed image would become distorted and the appearance became not as crisp as when first printed. Plus the mats did not lay flat as fast as we would prefer. These mats were a great solution, but we wanted to improve the mat even more.

The Second Generation...

For the next two years we developed our own proprietary material. Starting with the ideal surface, we sought out a domestically produced, high end gaming suede used on the finest gaming tables made today. High density foam sits underneath to offer proper resistance and cushion that would be ideal for gaming. Not too thin, not too thick. A rubber backing completes the mat to give a grip between the mat and the table, and give it protection.

Easily portable, convenient, and affordable.

Quiver Gaming Gear has successfully completed two Kickstarter projects and will be launching another project in July of 2018 for a Gloomhaven player mat. Sign up for our mailing list for special announcements!