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We are currently sold out of our large tabletop mats, but are in process of another Kickstarter with a brand new 3rd generation mat this summer. Larger sizes, solid colors, better price point! More details will follow, sign up for our email list for announcements!


Second Generation Mats

Gaming Suede / 3 mil foam / rubber backing

Gaming Suede / 3 mil foam / rubber backing

The greatest gaming mat ever developed. Proprietary material fabricated from top tier gaming suede, high density foam, and rubber backing. A mat that was designed with tabletop gaming in mind.

Gloomhaven Player Mats

Gloomhaven Mat main image.jpg

Officially licensed player mats for Gloomhaven. Enhance your Gloomhaven experience with individual player mats made from Quiver Gaming Gear's proprietary gaming mat material. The best board game and game mat of all time come together to elevate your game with better organization, card handling, and an overall luxurious feel and aesthetic.



"This new one [mat] blew my mind!"

- Jeremiah, Theology of Games


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